Town Breaza

Breaza is a town in Prahova County, Muntenia, Romania. The town’s name is derived from a Slavic word, breza, meaning “birch tree”.

The town center consists of at least two former villages, Podu Vadului and Breaza de Sus, which were later merged. Today, ten villages are administratively part of the town: Breaza de Jos, Breaza de Sus, Frăsinet, Gura Beliei, Irimești, Nistorești, Podu Corbului, Podu Vadului, Surdești and Valea Târsei. One of the main occupations is farming, and traditional needlework, but many inhabitants also commute to work in the neighboring towns of Comarnic and Câmpina. Tourism is also important for the local economy, and many locals rent out rooms in the summer months.

Due to its naturally beautiful surroundings, being located among rolling hills, the town has long been popular with inhabitants of Bucharest, who tend to have vacation homes here. Among the people who are rumored to have second residences in Breaza are Adrian Păunescu and Valentin Ceaușescu.

It is also the site of a folk art museum and a military high school.