School Prilep

SOEPTU “Kuzman Josifovski – Pitu “is a professional school of economics located in Prilep, Macedonia. Our school has about 450 students from both the city from the suburbs. It provides education in different profiles, such as technical economics, legal technical , technical secretary of trade and business and has the serious intent to increase the number of profiles in the future. Some of the vocational subjects include business, marketing, marketing and management, office, public law, private law, etc. Next to consistent materials with the educational profile, curricula include subjects such as math, computer science, geography, history, English, French, German, Macedonian, literature, music, art and more. The school building includes a library and a bookstore and we’ve already build a new gym. We pay great attention to the modernization and development of our school and we also participated in several international programs such as the ENO program, the Globe program, PHARE, ECO-NET. This institution has spent the last 60 years dedicating the teaching to the population of the area. Some of those projects include the eTwinning online project Let’s visit a country. Through this online project students learned about the sights of their country and shared the information with friends from different counties. One more project is the project “Reduce Reuse Recycle”supported by Erasmus +. The goal of the project was to facilitate a nonformal framework in which the young participants engaged in a structure dialogue aimed to create a youth policy. The Christmas Exchange was a big project which allowed the students to learn about how their friends from 13 different countries celebrate Christmas through exchanging videos and christmas decorations. This project made the students more aware about the cultural differences and connected them with students from various countries. Another important activity to mention is the collaboration with Peace Corps. Working with an American volunteer helped us build bridges between the Macedonian and American culture which is once again a key element that enormously helps in the educational process. The Fair of School companies that is organised annually is another importantactivity that prepares the students for the real world and its challenges. It offers the students an opportunity to develop their working and personal abilities. • Our present and future priorities are creating and environment in which the students can develop and prepare for the future properly allowing them to play a major role in promoting business performance, competitiveness and innovation. Providing youths with diverse and flexible learning opportunities to acquire skills for career development and contributing to active citizenship and personal fulfillment. • The students and staff are always willing to adapt and fully engage themselves for the success of their school.