School Breaza

We are a military boarding school with 27 teachers and 570 students coming from different parts of the country with the main goal of becoming military officers after having finished their high school studies. Due to the special conditions they live in and the final purpose of their high school years, our students have a different kind of life from any other students of the same age. They are far from their families from a very early age and have to adapt to both the military environment and boarding school conditions. Many of them have poor families, including divorced and single parents with a rural background. This means that their knowledge of other customs, cultures and traditions needs a lot of improvement, but their high intellectual potential and natural thirst for knowledge always make them very much interested in everything that breaks their daily routine. The education they receive in our school may seem very strict and disciplined, but attending this institution is the first step they have to take in order to become military leaders and work in international environments, dealing with issues of global importance. The formal education they receive does not develop the latest competences an active European citizen should have and critical thinking is one of these. Research on leadership has identified the need for educational projects and training programs that promote better thinking to improve battle command decision-making. One factor that explains the increased need for critical thinking skills is the exponential development of technology which creates, almost directly, the need for intellectual skills. Military education must be at the forefront of the effort to promote and improve thinking skills. Military leadership demands the application of high quality critical thinking for effective battle command. Military leaders must make tactical decisions in complex and stressful situations where knowledge is incomplete and uncertain. The use of CT skills to evaluate battlefield information is crucial under these circumstances. Moreover, leaders’ ultimate solutions to battle command problems must be effective, yet not be predictable. Thus, they cannot simply base their battle plans on well-learned battlefield patterns; they must reason through and integrate an enormous amount of information. If relatively few resources are devoted to developing good thinking habits, officers must develop and hone their own methods of thinking to support decision-making. Teachers involved in this application are all full time teachers, highly trained professionals and experienced in European partnerships. They teach social sciences (one teacher), foreign languages (2 teachers) and history(1 teacher), domains which encoourage the development of communicative and social skills. These four teachers will be directly involved in the development of this project.