School Ankara

We have one hundred twenty eight students and twenty teachers. Our students are at the age of between eleven and fifteen years old. We are a school that gives religious dominant education besides basic subjects. Our school’s goal is to educate students compatible with social life , creative ,, can solve the problems that probably get face to face , can adapt to a changing world , language, religion,culture. We are eagle to take part at a project to improve ourselves. We have school subject development courses besides socials courses that we mentioned above. Our school is in central Ankara . Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. Our students haven’t got any special needs.We have refuguees students. The scope of our school : national. Our students’ carieer prospects are to be brave , to raise higher in education , to have skills of solving problems that can get face to face. We have been a religional school for four years.We use technology in our classes.For us , this is the first time to take part at a project. We want to have more students in our school and we want to develop tecnology needs. Key people are: Ahmet Türker GÜLLÜLÜ(school principal), Merve ERİN (assistant director), Öznur AŞIK(English teacher), Güllü GÜÇLÜ (Maths teacher) will be key people in charge of running the project. In case these persons leave their post in the future, Gülay GÜLAY (English teacher) and Arzu KAPLAN (Social Sciences teacher) will take over their role. For teachers, building rapport with students is a component that takes teaching to the next level. Teachers understand that this takes time. Building rapport is a process. It often takes weeks and even months to establish a healthy student-teacher relationship. Teachers will tell you that once you have earned the trust and respect of your students, everything else becomes much easier. When students look forward to coming to your class, you look forward to coming to work each day. So; we are eager to improve a healthy relationship with and among our students.