Meeting Ankara

REPORT on the meeting in Ankara

13.01.2020 – 1day – Arrival to Ankara

On Tuesday, we met with other teams from other countries at the hosts’ school. Where we all presented ourselves through our presentations. This was followed by lunch at school. Lunch was traditional, made by the parents of the students from the school we were visiting. A debate ensued at the Ministry of Justice in Ankara. Then we had dinner at the famous restaurant “Tavaci Recep Usta”, where we ate traditional Turkish food again

 14.01.2020 – 2 day- Seminar for teachers and students by Directorate General of Migration Management- about current status of immigration

15.01.2020 – 3day- Visit – Anti Kabir and Ankara museum

The third day was a tour of Ankara, together with teams from other countries. We started with a visit to the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Museum. After seeing the beautiful ones at this museum, we headed to the art museum. The art museum was really creative. There we saw works of art throughout their history. Then we had lunch in the old part of Ankara, where we ate gomleze. Then we walked around the old part of Ankara, which left a big impression on us. Then we visited the Ankara Fortress.

16.01.2020 – 4day – Cappadocia

On the fourth day, a walk to the natural and cultural beauties of Cappadocia was planned in order to study the problems of migration in the past and the peaceful coexistence of the population there. Then we got out of the vehicle and headed to the salt lake, where it was quite cold. Then we visited an underground city where people lived in the past and tried to find better ways of life. Our walk continued to visit old churches. Immediately after the walk we had lunch in the area of ​​Cappadocia. We headed to a winery where there were different types of wines, and then we visited a pottery workshop where handmade decorations are made. When we went to the hotel on the road we stopped to see the beauty of the red river. Dinner took place in a restaurant and later we finally arrived at the hotel.