Town Prilep

Prilep – a city in Macedonia, located in the northern part of the Pelagonija Valley, in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia. It can be reached via the highway A 3. It has 69,704 inhabitants (2002) and is located 128 km southwest of the capital Skopje. Prilep is known as the “city under the Marko Towers” because of its proximity to the towers built by the legendary hero King Marko. The city was awarded the Order of the People’s Hero of Yugoslavia on May 7, 1975 and is one of the eight decorated cities in SFR Yugoslavia with this order. In addition, holders of this order are 14 other people who come from Prilep and Prilep region.

Prilep is a centre for high-quality tobacco and cigarettes and the metal processing, electronics, timber, textiles, and food industries. The city also produces a large quantity of Macedonian Bianco Sivec (pure white marble).

Tobacco is one of Prilep’s traditional cash crops and prospers in the Macedonian climate. Many of the world’s largest cigarette makers, such as Marlboro, West and Camel use Prilep’s tobacco in their cigarettes after it is processed in local factories such as Tutunski kombinat Prilep. A Tobacco Institute is established in the city in order to produce new types of tobacco and it was the first example of applying genetics to agriculture in the Balkans.

A Gentherm production plant is located in Prilep.