Facts and hoax about corona virus – essays by Macedonian students


When Covid-19 appeared, we thought of it as a regular virus, many people didn’t believe that it can be such serious and deadly. Our family friend Mr. Filip didn’t believe in the virus, but a couple of days later he didn’t feel well. He got hot temperature and they took him to the hospital. Mr. Filip stayed in hospital for 14 days, after that he got back home. During the time that he was in hospital, we talked to him on the phone, he was telling us how he feels. The first days he had hot temperature and he could barely breathe, but after some time he got better. His family was okay but they were worried about Mr. Filip’s health. When he got out of the hospital, he told us how bad it is in there. The number of infected people increased more and more as the days were passing. In our country there was a restriction of movement, and we weren’t able to go outside. When my birthday came there was still quarantine, so I couldn’t celebrate it with my friends. However, I celebrate it with my family. Even though there weren’t any guests I had so much fun. When it comes to school, we started studying online because the number of infected people was enormous. The schools closed because of that. There were many measures to stop the virus from spreading. The restriction of movement lasted for months, but when summer arrived I forgot about the virus. The school year started and we are still having online classes, because the daily amount of infected people was above 1000. The corona virus is still among us and we have to do anything to stop that virus because our health is most important.

Essay by Maja Poposka


Today we face a great challenge that has an impact all over the world, we are in a time that is worse than when there are storms, rain and wind outside. I want to say that we are in a time that has given us to see things from a completely different angle. Every part of our life is precious, every moment we live, and the life of our little ones is also precious. We cannot know the value of every moment in life until we feel fear that one day our breath will stop. And right now, in these days and months a virus has stopped our time. The world is flooded with fear! Nothing is as it used to be. We no longer notice the flowers, we no longer celebrate, we do not sing songs. This pandemic taught us many facts, brought us many consequences. It changed the way we all look at life. After a long time, I will visit my grandmother, I will tell her about the online school, I will tell her how I spend my time during the quarantine. But I will still tell her that with a smile. I will tell her that I have learned to appreciate my loved ones more, because one day they can be touched by this virus. Life is really short. I was also thinking, what is it that will come out of all this? Eventually I realized that in fact this situation showed us that we are all the same. The virus simply does not choose. He does not choose rich or poor, he does not choose strong or weak. To him we are all the same and he all attacks us from some side, he connects us so that we all stick together under the same sky. As a teenager, it is very difficult for me to face this situation, we all have failed plans, trips, birthdays, parties and vacations. It will be difficult for all of us to get used to online classes and all the change that this virus has brought, but we have to survive this, it is not in our hands, we can not change anything. When I say that we can not change things, I do not mean that we are completely powerless, we are powerful, we just need to understand that we need to transfer that power. To respect the recommendations, to respect the protection measures. That is our power.

Essay by Elena Hristoska


The world lived its life in a normal way, until the news of the coronavirus was published. Initially, the news was not so scary until it soon spread among the people of China. It then spread to all other countries in the world. The whole case was declared a pandemic and this instilled fear in the population. Corona virus is a flu virus that is transmitted through contact with humans for more than 10 minutes. Тhis virus enters the respiratory organs in a more dangerous sense than the common flu. The virus also results in fever, cough, muscle aches and shortness of breath. Older people have a harder time experiencing the virus. There is still no cure or vaccine for this virus, so it harms in countries. So, the world sticks to a few rules to protect against the virus, such as keeping a distance, maintaining hygiene and wearing masks. States introduce quarantines to protect their citizens. After this, people’s lives changed completely. Man is a social being, he needs to socialize, to live with others, and this flu has taken it away from everyone. But not all people believe in this virus. Protests against the coronation measures are being organized all over the world. The right to return to a normal life without restrictions is required. Comparisons of the effects of different types of viruses show that the corona virus is smaller than all viruses. It opens our eyes that someone wants to close us. Only time will tell if the world experienced 2020 in a big mistake.

Essay by Bojan Jankov