Facts and hoax about corona virus – essays by Czech students

Mr. Trump, I am not going to drink disinfection solutionWe can read many facts about coronavirus and its treatment. The leaving American president Donald Trump recommended us to drink disinfection solution as a means of prevention. He explained it by its effects on the virus. How can we protect ourselves against such a kind of misinformation? How can we oppose the statements of the head of the state? In my opinion, we do not have many chances as we are not doctors. However, if we get such a stupid advice like the one from the American president, we still have our own knowledge and life experience to judge. Let us not be stupid and keep thinking critically.

God´s punishment

I guess, you noticed several cases of clergymen (Irvin Baxter, declaring COVID for God´s punishment of the sins of our decayed society. Sometime after their statements they died because of COVID. I am a student and I must admit I am not the best one. I would even say I am rather a sinceful person. I had two boyfriends without marrying them. I drink wine with my friends and many times a glass has not been enough. I have been impolite with my parents when discussing my free time and I have not been in church since my grandma is dead. Yes, dear preachers, I am a sinner. I must say I do not care at all. All of us are sinners and perhaps God loves my more than you. Perhaps you made the God angry with your judgement. Do not judge to not being judged, says the bible. To sum up, we should be very careful about what our clergymen say and rely on science and our critical thinking.

COVID is just a flu

Our neighbour, Mr. Novotný is dead. A week ago, Mrs. Nováková got the sad news from the hospital. She arranged a funeral, sold his husband´s collection of exotic parrots and moved to her sister to the East of the country. I remember Mr. Novotný well. He was a nice old man who always found an opportunity to give me some candy when I was a child. At the beginning of July he had celebrated with my grandfather his birthday because they were born on the same day and they had been good friends since the end of the war. The last common birthday celebration was very nice. The quarantine time was over and the hope for a “normal” summer was high. Mr. Novotný was explaining us that the new virus was just another kind of flew and that it would disappear with sunny and warm weather as all flus had done. We had a short discussion and I tried to explain him the differences between this “flu“and the other ones. In vain did I try to persuade him to read something about it on the Internet. In August, Mr. Novotný started coughing. At the beginning of September, he had high temperature and could not breath well. COVID was diagnosed. You know the rest.It has been surprising me how many people think of COVID in a simplified way. They often have in mind a quote or an opinion by their favourite politician or celebrity: „COVID is just a flu.“ or „I had COVID and I did not even noticed it.“ I think, even if you are old you should not stop looking for information and thinking about it. Most people have the Internet, you can watch TV and read newspapers. However, this is not the end. We should also think about what we read, see and listen to. I wish Mr. Novotný would have done it.