Facts and hoax about corona virus- essays from Italian students


The COVID-19 pandemic began to spread in Italy in the first days of March, while in China as early as November.The virus that causes COVID-19 is mostly transmitted through droplets produced by infected people when they cough, sneeze, or exhale. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air and quickly settle on the ground or surfaces.Life has become much tougher as our daily habits have changed dramatically. For example, we had to get used to wearing a mask, social distancing and Distance Learning. Due to some people who didn’t understand the importance of following these rules, we have been forced to continuous Ministerial Decrees to ensure safety. We have also been in quarantine: months during which we teenagers have suffered from the lack of social contact and also from the impossibility of being in contact with our beloved relatives.In times of emergency such as the one currently underway, hoaxes and disinformation are present in a massive way, especially on the web and social networks, and recognizing them is not always easy.Many people have created and run FAKE NEWS as the non-existence of this virus, considered as a simple flu, or misinformation like: “children are immune to the new coronavirus infection”, “drinking hot drinks could kill the virus”, “smokers are not exposed to the virus” and so many other hoaxes…Personally, we believe that the virus has been the cause of turmoil in today’s society, and we are working hard to respect the safety rules imposed by the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. It is not easy for anyone, especially us teenagers as we need to go out and interact with our peers.We hope that this situation gets better really soon and that we can go back to normal as soon as possible.


Covid-19 is a virus that spread across Italy in the early 2020, precisely in March 2020.Unfortunately, this virus has never stopped spreading so far, and it has changed our life deeply.This virus attacks the lungs and respiratory system and it causes rather serious breathing problems.It doesn’t just affect old people but also the young ones, it just depends on the immune system of each person.How do you know when you have Covid-19?You feel sick as you should have temperature, cough, sinus infection and you lose the taste.Some people don’t feel any of these symptoms, they could have Covid, consequently they spread virus; so they are called asymptomatic. This period is rather difficult for us, since we are facing so many challenges like doing lessons through laptops (distance learning).Following lessons is becoming complicated as we really miss the contact with “reality” and our classmates. Although it is a complicated situation for everyone, we have to be careful of our health and most of all of our relatives’ health who are older and more vulnerable to this terrible virus.